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Zorastead – Inner Rails
It sounds like the beginning of a classic short story: so it happened that a composer, a singer and a writer met on a foggy winter evening in a small town in northern Italy, and thus Zorastead was born. But this fascinating story is just the beginning of a powerful result - the album 'Inner Rails'.

Zorastead offers its listener an eclectic mix of pop and rock music, created and inspired by good motives. The track 'Bothering Ties' begins as a folk rock ballad with guitar arpeggios and romantic vocals. Then the song gets a fast tempo leaving the vocal line the same and adding low backing vocals. 'Thorns for Breakfast' is an idyll of the acoustic rock with a smooth run of the singer's story about the anticipation of unforgettable events. 

The rock song 'Violence Skills' has a  great motivation against the background of a hard rock guitar and a powerful rhythm. The solo guitar intertwines with the main vocals and dance in a vortex that lifts up further and further. The song 'True Words' is a beautiful work with a minimalist accompaniment, which gives free rein to the feelings of the singer and the opportunity to convey to us his deep mood and feeling of life as it is. 

Listen to the full album 'Inner Rails' on Spotify below and walk through the real life story in an arrangement from Zorastead.