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Mary Jane’s Affair – One Two Three
One Two Three and started. Today we listen to Bolivian rock and roll. This country is as interesting as the zero information that comes to us about their indie scene. However, today we are happy to discover the band Mary Jane's Affair.

  1. The band has a decent history and a sufficient number of fans at the local level. All this suggests that Latin America is one of the strongholds of rock and roll in all its manifestations, and where there is a culture of listening to music on physical media. Once recently I was impressed by the number of CD and cassette stores in Chile, Argentina and Peru, and I believe that Bolivia is not far behind.

  1.  But back to our heroes. Mary Jane Afreid released her recent single 'One Two Three' on December 11 last year. The main reef of the song sounds in the Pistols style. The motif is remembered from the first notes and conveyed the authentic sound of the late classics of punk rock. The vocal style, along with lyrics about sex and a rock star, synchronizes us with other representatives of the British modern punk The Subways with their 'Rock & Roll Queen'. The sound, presentation and general atmosphere of the single is very clear to the identification of true rock 'n' roll, modern and international phenomenon, which sounds the same in different parts of the world and brings that inspiration to life and belief in immortality. Like the ancient Indian cult in ancient Bolivia, today there is another paganism in the scenes built in those places where bonfires once burned and Indian shamans played  percussion. Apparently they also sang 'One Two Three'. We don't know now about it exactly but we have a new single from Mary Jane's Affair which you can rate below.