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Rj Bacon – Low Ambition Day
It's time to return to the home studio of musician Rj Bacon, based in Sydney. His jazz is incredibly light and expressive is what we've been looking for lately to listen to. The single 'Low Ambition Day' was released on July 9 and is the title track for this artist's new album.

The song 'Low Ambition Day' is a graceful composition with a minimalist set of instruments and soft vocals. The fast pace of the track is not noticeable and it seems airy and transparent. The accompaniment is played by a piano that throws its light chords on a white canvas of musical fabric. 

The main melodic line belongs to the singer who builds the whole structure of the song around it. The long and phrasing solo on the saxophone is replaced by a guitar solo with a tube sound. The atmosphere of idyll and rest is reproduced in the character of a single and transmitted to us by soothing impulses of musical hypnosis.  

Listen to a new work from Rj Bacon called 'Low Ambition Day' right now on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the magical world of Australian jazz.