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The Arthurs – Window
The fifth single from The Arthurs' new album 'Glass' is called 'Window'. Dutch alternative rock is flourishing in all its glory. The energetic song 'Window' greets us with mechanical bass and minimalist post-punk rhythm with shoegaze guitars and grunge vocals.

The composition is a bit reminiscent of the expression of Pearl Jam and their intellectual spirit. Rock from the 90s is seasoned with new structural ideas such as female backing vocals and guitar solos from the classic rock as well reef movements around the rhythm decorates the overall mood of 'Window' with its original color. 

In the music video 'Window' we see a rock show on an intimate stage with a rock n roll spirit and a celebration of freedom. Musicians incarnate in each other in turn trying all the instruments. This picture is funny and cool and together with the energetic movements and artistic facial expressions of the video is viewed easily and interesting. Watch the music video 'Window' on YouTube below and take part in an all-out rock n roll with The Arthurs.