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Dream On – Falling
Indie rock lives and thrives. In the UK, there are many indie rock bands that have not shown themselves and were just small flashes in the starry sky of indie music. Ambitious musicians are sure to succeed even if this success is just another cool single. London band Dream On have such a single and it's called 'Falling'.

The melody of this song is the basis of the foundations and the movement of the composition is based on it. The distant taste of R.E.M. is felt in the groove melody and romantic atmosphere of the track. At the same time, we see an original fusion of indie and pop rock that distinguishes the development of choruses in the even flow of music. The lively bass and guitars played live reflect the musicians' love of rock n roll and their devotion to the classical principles of music creation. 

Experienced musicians know how to get along with their instruments and the song accepts their talented contribution to their essence. Listen to the single 'Falling' below on Spotify and see with Dream On that classic indie rock is alive.