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Muscular – Word on the Wire
Being in the northern latitudes, we can hear about the ancient city of Turku in the south of Finland. This place has always developed an original electronic music scene. One of the representatives of this platform is the musician Ilmari Aitoaho.

His keyboards playing in various projects and bands adorns local music and allows it to become as unique as it is now. Muscular is one of those original Ilmari projects and we'll take a look at their recent single 'Word on the Wire'. 

The talented combination of electronic music elements with pop-funk standards gave the chic sound that seduces us with its mysterious energy. The composition has notes of the northern balanced character and meets us with powerful bass with a synthesizer basis. The solo on the electric piano gracefully and balanced moves in the jazz progression of pentatonic corners. 

This is only Muscular's second single and it seems that the project has a future for connoisseurs of electronic funk and dance music. Listen to the single 'Word on the Wire' below on Spotify and find in Muscular music the influence of Turku's old architecture and its modern nightlife.