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White Horses – The Can Can Man
What could be better than freedom? The freedom to choose the road, the freedom to do what you want, the freedom to live the day the way you want - all these theses are covered in one song, the band's recent single of British band White Horses 'The Can Can Man'.

Stylish blues-rock is something we've been missing so much lately. The track 'The Can Can Man' is really roadly track. Its sounds are coordinated in the Americana style and charge us with their drive. The drive from the song is enough to listen to the instincts of the traveler and go on a journey across America. 

In the music video 'The Can Can Man', the protagonist does so with his friends. Iron horses race through the beautiful, unearthly landscapes of the vast continent, meeting on their way cities and villages, mountains and deserts. Charming girl dancing to the rhythm of the blues inviting into a whirlpool of unpredictable adventures. 

The singer sings about strength of spirit and courage, passion and love. This is a real thriller that separates us from the gray life with its adventurous attitude to the unpredictable future. Listen to the single 'The Can Can Man' from White Horses and watch the music video on YouTube below to experience freedom in all its depths.