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Blankiflúr – Hypnopompic
The small and cold country of Iceland has an amazing potential and appearance to form a dissimilar sound. Inherent only in the North, the sounds of the island go on their long journey to our consciousness. Fresh waves brought to us from there tart and romantic, strong and gentle album. Meet 'Hypnopompic' from the artist from Reykjavik - Blankiflúr.

Her organic music contributes to the development of world music and as the author of music and lyrics Blankiflur is charming. We will consider only a few works so that every music lover would like to hear what he missed. 

'Pleasure 'is a stylish pop that opens the album under the first number. Vocal depth and rigorous synthesizers take an electronic heartbeat. The singer looks at love through the prism of treasure and this treasure is an invaluable gift to humanity. 'Have A Lovely Evening' is an electro-pop in the middle of which a charming vocal part completely opens the singer.  The minimalism of the composition accumulates the energy of simplicity and transparency. Strange backing vocals paint the sound palette of the track with beautiful patterns.  

The singer is able to capture our attention from the beginning of the song 'GAME' and will not let go until the final. As a short story, we read the musical movements of the artist and move with her. 'Connected' is a very interesting song that gives us relaxation after a powerful layer of energetic atmosphere. We relax with the main character in a slow dance where the sounds are just a piano and a guitar like two different poles of a beautiful relationship. 

Listen to the LP 'Hypnopomnic' in full. Below on Spotify, with Blankiflúr, we will find what we were looking for if we were looking for a gravitational pop with a refreshing northern coolness.