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Joey Grace – I Can’t Catch You
The originality of the presentation of the musical material is a feature of the California singer-songwriter Joey Grace. The sounds of her music are the sounds of the new California once again jumping into an ocean of experimentation. The recent single 'I Can't Catch You' surprises us with its expression and dexterity.

Joey acted as the producer of her new creation. The single, in addition to having standard pop verses and a rhythmic structure, shines with various colors of synthesizer sounds. Every little part of the song 'I Can't Catch You' seems to live on its own with its own unique sound. Joey collects her musical mosaic of filigree reefs, electronic melisms with keyboard arpeggios. The timbre and instruments of cascading sounds fall from the mountain of her ideas. 

Joey has a sense of the passage of time and when at the end we hear a strings' instrumental we prepare to culminate in the best traditions of Eurovision melodies. An interesting idea from Joey came in the form of her single and takes its place among the avant-garde searches of contemporary artists. Listen to the single 'I Can't Catch You' below on Spotify and take a look at the other side of contemporary art with music by Joey Grace.