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Dina Rizvic – Waves
An alternative pop broke into our playlists and flooded them. More and more this music is gaining momentum, although it has always been somewhere nearby at all times. Alternative pop performed by Dina Rizvic is typical for this style but not typical for pop music.The main difference is that the artist does everything herself, starting from authorship and ending with production. Everything that once differentiated rock music from pop music is now washed away by the presence of alternative pop.

British multi-instrumentalist Dina is talented in her music and her latest mini-album 'Waves' deserves our attention. The EP opens with the song 'Where Are You' - a light, airy track with a fast pace, the speed of which is not felt. The singing seemed to freeze over time. The singer is looking for and does not find. 

'Over and Over' - the guitar soars above the industrial rhythm and synthesizer bass and raises us higher and higher. Vocal polyphony brings us closer to the top of the feelings that are transmitted through the emotional vocals. 

The dance melody of the song 'Soulfly' invites us to the soul world. With its electronics and clear rhythm, the moving vocals going to travel to meet freedom and sublimity. 

'XYZ' is a track that can be remembered by R&B rhythm and atmospheric background, which makes the vocals soft and sensual. A short composition about a short love. Listen to the EP 'Waves' on Spotify below gradually moving from wave to wave and go with the flow offered by Dina Rizvic.