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Anna Luther – Greatest Love
There is no more dynamic and lively, more dubious and tragic topic on our planet than the topic of love. Artists of all genres and generations are using this wonderful feeling for self-identification in this world through works of art. Anna Luther has a wonderful love song and it's called 'Greatest Love'.

Singer and composer, producer and lyricist - Anna, is a beautiful image of a modern artist with its versatility. The song 'Greatest Love' has deep lyrics and its romantic mood captivates us and lifts us up to the blue skies. Smooth ambient  meets a dream pop and reproduces the sounds of love in its electronic mixture. 

That romance is an experience suffered and has a bitter aftertaste of separation. Gentle uncertainty in Anna's words awakens in us memory of 'greatest'. Our future cannot be complete without love and we are happy to recognize ourselves in this song. Listen to Anna Luther's single 'Greatest Love' on Spotify below and experience music full of tender feelings.