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Gingsu – Road Song
California is also can be sad. When we say goodbye to someone forever or so, if the loss is imminent and the road separates us then it's time to sound the track 'Road Song' from the band Gingsu. These guys from the coastal Laguna Beach know what the ocean is and its gusty winds.

The California sun has grown a new band that began its movement in 2020. Their fifth single 'Road Song' is a funk-rock ballad associated with the warm West. Gingsu has only three musicians and this is a classic. The rock trio knows what to do with their works and how to present them live. California's sandy beaches have repeatedly danced to their interesting rhythmic patterns, steady bass and inventive guitar. 

The vocalist has a specific tone of voice and this adds sadness and nostalgia to the whole track 'Road Song'. Mathematical moves with a late guitar are interesting and original. Hopefully this grooving musical trio will reach its goal and leave a glorious mark in the history of rock n roll. Listen to the single 'Road Song' below on Spotify and don't be sad too much with the talented guys from Gungsu.