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Pariz – Taxi
'Taxi' is an elegant composition by the producer Pariz. Based in Texas in the city of Fort Worth, 21-year-old musician produces his beautiful themes by presenting them to the public. The single 'Taxi' was released recently and got its life on the internet.

Listening to this track, we admire the feeling of the author and his musicality. The delicate structure of the song envelops the singer's sexy vocals by Everra, inviting us to an unusual romantic journey. The city does not sleep and the protagonist flies above its lights. He may hope to enjoy the surprise that gives the city to people looking for an adventure. 

Pariz's great approach to a light atmosphere, with a relaxing mood gives the track a fresh impetus to move forward. The electronic component of the composition in the style of dream pop is always a good mood for a background of easy life. 

The author's talented work elevates us to a wave of coquetry and experimentation. Inspired by the fresh breeze of this music, we admire its lightness. Listen to the single 'Taxi' from Pariz on Spotify below to get into the magical world of beautiful people.