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Incomer – Versus Ego
It's time to get acquainted with Ukrainian contemporary music. A great country with a great unconquered people. The electronic trio Incomer is based in the Gothic-Baroque city of Lviv, and they use elements of the new wave, trip hop and rock music in their work.

In their original presentation, the band mixes music with the visualization of their own comics and offers a deeper immersion in the sound art that has all the manifestations of the avant-garde. Recently Incomer shared their first EP 'Versus Ego' consisting of 5 tracks of various genres. 

'Deploy' - trip hop introduction goes into the electronic world of atmospheric sounds with a meloncholic voice. Dark synthesizers develop the track and invite us into another dimension.  

'Antagonist' - careful vocals start their story with feelings of alienation and abstraction. Guitars with hints of the Gothic year appear in the choruses. Guitar solo gives a feeling of sadness and hopelessness. 

'Bitter' is an experimental composition with different transitions and industrial influences. There are otherworldly backing vocals and space synthesizers from the 80s era.  

'Lines' - hip hop rhythm is electrified by invisible lightning bass.  The vocal parts resonate in hip hop shouts and a calm ambient of recitation.  

'Bloody Red Heart' - in the song by means of synthesizer searches the movement of blood to heart is heard. The stereo system is filled with avant-garde sounds that turn into the classic choruses of the new wave.  

Listen to the full EP 'Versus Ego' from Incomer below on Spotify and get a full sense of the creative power of their dark wave.