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GABRIEL – Fall Apart
Gabriel Metzger is only 18 years old, but he spent the lion's share of his life playing the guitar. Like every skills practice, it builds the muscles of experience and awareness in their work. GABRIEL is his own American band through which the guitarist shows us his ideas in the form of powerful rock singles.

'Fall Apart' is one of them. At the beginning of the composition we hear how the drive seventh chords turn into cascading guitar riffs. The verses of the song sound in the best traditions of the American rock from Grand Funk and Lynyrd Skynyrd with their melodic high vocals and arpeggio guitars. The refrain provides inspiration that grows into a strong rock hit. 

The lyrics reveal the idea of ​​finding inner strength and overcoming doubts. Man always struggles with his fears and only this allows him to move forward. The wonderful culmination of 'Fall Apart' introduces us to a simple and elegant guitar solo. And even further, in the finale, the killing guitar in a duel echoes with a crazy rock machine, reflecting on this example the internal struggle of the protagonist. Listen to the single 'Fall Apart' from talented guitarist and musician GABRIEL on Spotify below.