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Atomic Bronco – Cruel
Indie Rock Enthusiast. This is how Kyle Nuss, producer and creator of the music project Atomic Bronco, described himself and his work. The one-man band is based in London and it is in this huge creative garden that he draws inspiration for his single shots.

One of these singles was especially pleasing. It's 'Cruel' and the taste of desire bursts this music. Based on a retro sound mixed with Americana and glam rock, we hear a distinct composition that relaxes in our minds with its sweet toughness. A real hit in the style of Marc Bolan conquers our minds and may be ready to conquer Tarantino with his ability to choose the right soundtracks. 

Of course, it is in the music video 'Cruel' comes full enlightenment of the moment. Video accompaniment as a real trailer for a blockbuster with thriller and mysticism, eroticism and rock n roll. All this is in this smoky video and against its background the song 'Cruel' acquires a new life - visualization to a cool nightlife. Listen to the single 'Cruel' by Atomic Bronco and watch the music video below on YouTube to experience the temptation of a night city and smoky rock n roll.