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Regina Fae – A Town Somewhere
The versatile artist Regina Fae sees her mission in telling stories that can inspire and teach. Singer author, poet and writer Regina does not give her talent to relax developing at the same time as a creator and a person.

In her recent single 'A Town Somewhere' we hear her gentle fragile voice sharing her romantic experiences against the backdrop of piano and acoustic guitar. The crystal of her vocals carefully leads its line of surprise and caution. The organic synthesizer background is somewhere far away and all the musical arrangements embrace the singer as if ​​pitying her.

In the music video 'A Town Somewhere' Regina appears in a pure image as a princess looking for expression in romance and inspiration. Surreal images float through the picture of the video, creating their own spiritual world of unexplored feelings and the harmony of sensations. Everything comes and goes like time and sleep and the main character is left alone with her feelings. Watch the music video 'A Town Somewhere' below on Youtube to enter the fabulous dimension created by Regina Fae's art.