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The Rising – You Had It All
Today we will look in Belfast to find out what is being done with the Northern Ireland music machine. In search of good music, we came across the pop-rock duo 'The Rising'. Chantelle and Chris have formed a band that worthily represents Northern Ireland on high-level pop and country scenes.

Listening to their fresh single 'You Had it All' we came across a story of two hearts making sense of their breakup. The role of the opposite character in the song was successfully played by singer and author Stephen A. Quinn. The vocal duo alternate with the story of their emotions, bringing to us their feelings of loss and try to understand the correctness of their decision. 

The music of The Rising with its melodic and enthusiasm helps to reveal the images and meaning of the song. Pop-rock played in a country style sounds like an adult's experience and invites us to its unique musical world. Talented lyrics and fresh country design delights us with a wonderful portion of true revelation. Listen to the single 'You Had It All' below on Spotify and listen to the heartfelt singing performed by The Rising.