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Phillinois – Blue Haze
The music project of artist and cartoonist Phil Gerigscott is called Phillinois. Phil lives in Portland, USA and draws parallels between his music world and the world of the artist. A gifted person must find a way out of his thoughts, experiences and vision of this world.

His new album 'Blue Haze' was released on May 22 and it is filled with new ideas of the author taken from old musical experiments. The fusion of electronics with acoustic instruments in a fancy shape and combination has created its unparalleled creative role Phillinois. 

In the 'Hardened, Bolder' track, the light electronic emo flows from a slightly pulsating electronic rhythm and is supported by psychedelic synthesizers. 'Ambiguous Cults' is an experiment with voice and acoustic chords on a beautiful background with a story of calm and humility. Later, the composition acquires a rhythmic and melodic sound landscape. In the track 'To Love Something' we can hear the sound of electronic calls with a voice from the other end of the handset developing 90s game music. 'Wanna Narrative' greets us with shamanic ritual sounds on which appear the electronic voice of the vocalist who tells about his presence and his desire. 

Listen to the entire 'Blue Haze' album below on Spotify and marvel at Phillinois' ability to combine avant-garde mood with past musical heritage.