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Temperature Falls – Nothing Really Matters
Norway always delights us with new surprises as cool indie releases. Today we discovered an unexpected fusion of trip Hop and indie rock and these two styles in a mixture produce their own unique atmosphere. We are talking about the duo Temperature Falls from Oslo.

The duo consists of singer-songwriter Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward. They met not by chance because they were seduced by their love of music. The results were not long in coming and Temperature Falls set about recording their masterpieces. 

One such masterpiece is the single 'Nothing Really Matters'. The sound of the composition has the character of lo-fi and this makes the work close to the underground. Against the background of obvious trip hop, we hear indie guitars that dilute the accents of rhythm and make a great platform for pop-rock vocals. A good mix in a well-made production finish. 

The band worthily represents the new indie scene of the Norwegian capital and we can only rejoice in their the right way. Listen to the single 'Nothing Really Matters' from Temperature Falls below on Spotify and agree that nothing really matters but music.