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Patches – Life After Life (Super Cut)
Patches is a music project by Patch Dennis based in Hamburg. Patch is a talented drummer and composer who decided to jump into jazz to develop as a musician in this style. His single 'Life After Life' (Super Cut) is primarily a rhythm with his groove.

Patch's part of the drums acquires density and with each measure moves the musical fabric of the composition to moments where the guitar is played with synthesizers in the rhythmic figure. Patches' gathers the main idea of ​​the track into one powerful fist and skillfully beats it into silence. 

In the music video 'Life After Life (Super Cut)' shot by the director Piers Dennis really super montage. This is a classic music video in the literal sense of the word, which we missing. In his cyclic clips, alternating with the speed of rhythm, there are patterns taken from history and modern life. Everything is harmoniously combined. The post-modernist irony of the past events of our existence is replaced by shots of London and its inhabitants living their experience moving forward. Watch the music video 'Life After Life (Super Cut)' below on YouTube and appreciate Patches' mosaic composition.