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Mickey Gold – thrillz
We are always happy when young musicians move forward without fear of experimentation. In this way they move the music and that is how it gets the property to change. Mickey Gold from New York has released his EP 'thrillz' completely recorded and produced by the author.

The 5-track mini-album is full of eclecticism and innovation. The EP begins with the song 'orange sunshine' where the sounds of bagpipes will enter with a marching rhythm of percussion playing with guitar melisms in a smooth tempo. Curved soun of synthesizer pauses knead the psychedelic vocals and the synthetic bass. 

'deep end (deeper)' is indie/rock in all its glory. The lively rhythm section gives space for lo-fi guitar and vocals. Tangible elements of the new wave of the 80s.  

Grove's song 'time' is relaxing music with jazz touches. 

In the track 'blue' we meet experiments with hip hop. Vocal special effects and an atmospheric lounge give the track a philosophical sound. 

And complete the composition line of the record 'the thrill is on'. Experiments with more modern styles sound in a short wave and end. 

Listen to the EP 'thrillz' below on Spotify and take a serving of new music with a fresh breath from Mickey Gold.