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Lemon – You Keep Me On Track
The Dutch indie band Lemon has a long and exciting history of their ascent to the musical Olympus. Their first album was released in 2005, and since then the guys have been confidently moving towards their goal, releasing their music and negotiating with influential labels.

Their latest singles have gained international attention after their music has been endorsed by numerous blogs. Their newest single 'You Keep Me On Track' was released on November 17th. The song has a unique and memorable sound, saturated with fuzzy guitars and a calm groove. The main vocal lines are filled with soaring backing vocals that reveal romantic lyrics. Love, passion and hope, all this fits into one message that sounds like a call.

The famous Manchester singer Cath Coffey (Stereo MC's) took part in the recording of the song, which definitely increased the value of this track. The psychedelic climax spills even more under the pressure of thick synthesizers and almost gospel choruses. The rhythm section successfully copes with its task, raising the level of the entire musical composition with its cascading beats. The song 'You Keep Me On Track' by Lemon is a great gift for anyone who has been waiting for a fresh wave of Britpop and psychedelic indie music.

Listen to the single 'You Keep Me On Track' below on Spotify and discover this awesome band Lemon.