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millhope – Prototype
On November 15, the German musician and producer millhope released a new single 'Prototype'. The song was recorded at millhope's home studio in collaboration with singer Jenny Thiele.

Thus, this musical composition is organically divided into two self-complementary elements of its structure. On the one hand, there is a fantastic instrumental part with its dreamy fluids, soft phrasing and beautiful melismas, and on the other hand, it is a part with a vocal line that shares a memorable motif that we want to hum long after listening to this magical track.  

millhope's creativity shows what a modern instrumental music can be and opens before us the vector of its development. 'Prototype' from millhope is a unique mix of modern electronic music and dreamy post-rock filled with organic and clear vital impulses.  

Listen to the single 'Prototype' below on Spotify and enjoy the catchy theme of the new release from millhope.