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Kelsie Kimberlin – Turn Back
Kelsie Kimberlin presented her third music video from the trilogy dedicated to the holy struggle of the Ukrainian people against the invaders. The track 'Turn Back' is the logical continuation of her previous song stories 'Armageddon' and 'Another Chance To Live Again', which suggests the return of all those millions of refugees to their native land.

Sooner or later, the war must end with the victory of Ukraine, and as Ukrainian-American, Kelsie Kimberlin sincerely believe in this. In addition, she, like all sympathizers, hopes for the return of a significant part of the people of Ukraine to their territory, robbed and broken, in order to rebuild their future and the future of their Ukraine.

The song 'Turn Back' is a sad ballad with gentle and deep vocals, in the lyrics of which the artist puts a lot of her own experiences and dreams. The organic and minimalist musical arrangement nicely supports the soulful singing that pours from her big heart.  

In the music video 'Turn Back', we again get to Ukraine, where together with the artist we walk past thousands of photos of fallen Ukrainian soldiers displayed in one of Kyiv's squares. Next, we wander to the exhibition of downed enemy equipment, which clearly shows the true intentions of the war criminals. Kelsie Kimberlin sings its song for us, swaying our emotional thoughts. All Ukrainians should return alive and well and be reunited with their relatives, friends and loved ones.

Watch the music video 'Turn Back' below on YouTube and learn more about the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people from Kelsie Kimberlin.