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Rosina Buck – Like a Lion
The British artist Rosina Buck returns with the soulful single 'Like a Lion'. The song was written a few years ago, when Rosina Buck was going through a difficult period in her life.

In fact, the lyrics speak volumes, revealing part of the singer’s creative path and delving into those experiences and pain that are always somewhere close to great love. 'Like a Lion' is Rosina Buck's first single in 5 years. She managed to complete this musical composition by presenting us with a really chic lyrical track.  

Soft and elegant accompaniment with elements of folk-pop perfectly intersects with Rosina Buck's sensual voice. The beautiful and sad motive completely immerses us in the aesthetics of the song and we experience these moments together with the artist.  

Pre-order 'Like a Lion' below on Spotify and enjoy a beautiful new release from Rosina Buck.