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Kelsie Kimberlin – Another Chance To Live Again
'Another Chance To Live Again' this is the title of the second single from the announced trilogy of the artist Kelsie Kimberlin, the release of which took place on October 16. Kelsie Kimberlin is a Ukrainian-American singer-songwriter who, with the beginning of Russia's unjustified aggression against Ukraine, supports and helps the Ukrainian people in every possible way.

Her charity fund the Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation created for the restoration of Ukraine has a good goal. Please donate as much as you can to the link below: 

So, the single 'Another Chance To Live Again' is a powerful emotional song that can arouse sympathy for the fate of Ukraine and its people. The singer uses church sayings in her lyrics to emphasize the depth of her message. Slow rhythm and strong vocals are combined here thanks to a beautiful classical arrangement.  

In the music video 'Another Chance To Live Again', we see the artist against the background of a destroyed Ukrainian city where life once glowed and dreams and hopes led people forward. The terrible devastation was filmed with the permission of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and such sincere and serious work from a gentle and beautiful girl makes this video insightful and heartwarming.  

Watch the music video 'Another Chance To Live Again' below on YouTube and follow the updates of the soulful artist Kelsie Kimberlin.