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JAGAS – Viens chez Moi
'Viens chez Moi' is the title of the song and music video of the band JAGAS, which in translation in English sounds like 'Come to my house'. Indeed, the song has an important message about the joy, kindness and beauty of human relationships.

'Viens chez Moi' seems to be inviting a guest to the band itself so that we can feel their musical appeal, talent and effort. The song 'Viens chez Moi' has an amazing vitality in its pleasant motive. 

The musical arrangement balances between rock and chanson, filling the entire musical composition with live sound. Vocal lines are graceful and warm, they carry that unforgettable and open mood that allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the aesthetics of the song.  

In the music video 'Viens chez Moi', the group of musicians play, sing and dance to their incendiary song. The video also includes a series of videos of dozens of families inviting guests into their homes in a fun way, making for incredibly entertaining and engaging viewing.

Watch the music video 'Viens chez Moi' below on YouTube and enjoy this festive atmosphere that the band JAGAS gives us.