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Garrow Hill – Heartache for the Heartless
We have to state that fewer and fewer good songs of the classic rock come to our attention and we rejoice every time like children that bathe, with a fresh outpouring of quality rock product. And this time, quite by accident, we met the English band Garrow Hill and their latest single 'Heartache for the Heartless'.

The incredible presentation of material with powerful guitars catches us from the first seconds and we enter the driving rock world of the new generation of British rock. A strong intro with drum beats and a memorable guitar riff turns into a lyrical verse where the vocalist with the timbre of Ian Gillan himself tells the story of one love and the beginning of the most beautiful thing that people have. The chorus in marching form shows the greatness and simplicity of feelings and human relationships. The melody of the chorus clings to us and seconds later we sing a simple text of the address to the object of our adoration. At its culmination, the song seems to stop to gather strength for a new start even more rapid and energetic. The solo guitar begins its run on the fretboard in search of melody and inspiration and its sounds are sharp vortices in the whirlpool of hard rock. 

In the music video 'Heartache for the Heartless' we see a beautiful couple in love spending their best time together at the evening attractions. Young people are fascinated by neon light and extreme entertainment that takes our breath away.  How joyful and warm they are together. Their feelings spin them as well as the attractions on the carousel of happiness. The image of attractions successfully conveys the image of the joy of life from mutual feelings that as an eternal holiday will last as long as the heart beats in our chests. Listen to the single 'Heartache for the Heartless' and watch a music video on YouTube below to fully immerse yourself in the true energy of the classic rock from Garrow Hill.