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Lethia’s Natorium – Here We Go
London singer-songwriter Pena and her band Lethia's Natorium released a new single 'Here We Go' on July 29. This is the third release of this music project and we are closely watching the growth of their music catalog.

'Here We Go' is a rock guitar hit that is memorable for its brilliant chorus and beautiful vocal lines. Guitar arrangements are made beautifully and they convey the spirit of rock n roll and a kind of inspiration. Powerful drums set a groovy rhythm that makes the song flowing. 

The lyrics voice the singer's own experience and her feelings after visiting incredible attractions that lift the spirit and shake everything inside. Such things and such music make us always young, striving for freedom and self-realization.  

Listen to the single 'Here We Go' on Spotify below and recharge yourself with the incredible and soulful energy of the new track from Lethia's Natorium.