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Fat Trout Trailer Park – Belt
Indie-rock duo Fat Trout Trailer Park have released the first single called 'Belt' from their upcoming EP. The presented song tells about the inhumanity and staleness of the bourgeois system and corporate society.

The driving and energetic theme of the music composition is saturated with cool guitar hooks and unsurpassed drumming. The sound of the track has elements of blues and garage rock that is full of elasticity and grace. 

'Belt' is a great example of how rock n roll should be played today. The vocal parts are desperate and special, it go well with the aesthetics of the song, conveying its essence. The band Fat Trout Trailer Park worth the attention of all lovers of modern indie and alternative rock, so we will follow the work of this fantastic duo.  

Listen to the single 'Belt' from Fat Trout Trailer Park on Spotify below and get energized to fight the capitalism and its rottenness.