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Wolfshirt – Wolfshirt
In the American city of Biddeford, which is located on the east coast, there is a cool rock band Wolfshirt consisting of four musicians who play original post-hardcore. The sound of their debut mini-album 'Wolfshirt', magically inspires us in the same way that musicians are inspired by their work.

While writing these tracks. In the recording, the guys were helped by the legendary John Zebley, which affected the quality of this record. 4 musical compositions sound in a logical sequence, giving an uncompromising mixture of punk, hardcore and nu metal. 

The steel sound of the bass guitar and powerful gusts of the guitar in a minimalistic form of combination with thunderous drums echo the emotions of the vocalist. There is pain, despair and the search for hope in this music.  

The tracks are created with taste, with a rich structure that fully reveals the essence of each composition. The metallic musical fabric is heterogeneous and changes impressively with its forms and epicness. Of course, this record will appeal to all lovers of modern rock music, so we recommend this powerful collective. 

Listen to the EP 'Wolfshirt' on Spotify below and appreciate the talent and potential of the band Wolfshirt.