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Slime Lush – Custom Slaughter
The guys from the American band Slime Lush released their debut album 'Custom Slaughter' on June 11 and we were delighted to listen to this sincere rock n roll tracklist. A team of musician friends gathered in rural Oklahoma to play their original music, which is created thanks to the diversity of influences of all members of the group.

It is by these indicators that we can distinguish true rock music from a solo or bedroom project. No one has canceled the live power of the ensemble, and live groups will always find their listeners, because this music is the result of the genesis of creative individuals.  

The album 'Custom Slaughter' consists of 8 tracks that included elements of alternative and garage rock. The melodic guitar arrangements satisfy via the minimalism and simplicity of the idea, and the vocal parts are full of emotional and mysterious and the rhythm section evenly like a clock. This is the simple and clear formula that makes the debut work from Slime Lush an interesting and unique phenomenon, which is their rock n roll.

Listen to the album 'Custom Slaughter' on Spotify and follow Slime Lush, a band that gives us a great time with their understandable music.