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Jackson Vincent – Normal Tension
'Music for ghosts' - that's what Jackson Vincent calls his songs, putting a lot of deep meaning and feelings into them. The artist is based in Philadelphia, where he independently writes and records his musical compositions. His new EP is tittled 'Normal Tension' and was released on July 22.

The mini-album consists of 6 atmospheric tracks that convey the aesthetics of the author's own experience and his feelings about the recent breakup. The featured songs have a slow and chill sound that hypnotically grabs our attention from the first track.

The conceptual EP 'Normal Tension' is revealed not by formulaic music but by original forms in which there are elements of indie folk and alternative rock. The vocals sound tender and romantic, the guitar parts are restrained and frank, full of effects that create an unimaginable vibes where the island of freedom and possible happiness can be seen behind the fog. 

Jackson Vincent seems to invite us into his world, where he reveals to us his view on love, separation and the power of life's illusions. Listen to the EP 'Normal Tension' from Jackson Vincent on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the thoughts and dreams of this talented artist.