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apocalypse l8er – You can finally see the end / Looking down
The band apocalypse l8er based in Minneapolis, where they write, record and perform their own unique music. Their new release is a double single consisting of two short tracks.

'You can finally see the end' is a disturbing ballad with a torvast solemnly sad motif. This track sounds with the colors of live instruments and conveys in exciting forms those fears and experiences that confuse today's youth. 

The composition 'Looking down' is an aesthetic continuation of the previous track, where a short and graceful concept highlights a psychological journey into the unknown present.  

The guys from the band apocalypse l8er creating something really new and interesting. Their compositional elements are elegant and insightful, and they convey depth and own vision through music art.

Listen to the single 'You can finally see the end / Looking down' from apocalypse l8er on Spotify below and discover this up-and-coming band.