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GURLIK – Time Box
American musician multi-instrumentalist GURLIK released his debut album called 'Time Box'. The album was completely written and recorded by GURLIK, so it perfectly reveals the producer and composer talent of the author.

The album 'Time Box' is instrumental and consists of 12 exciting compositions that convey the color and musical charisma of the composer. Tracks from this record demonstrate the freedom of melodic and harmonic variations, originality and uniqueness that are undeniable.  

Here we listen to sophisticated pop-jazz, which with their progressive forms paint innocent images of amazing musical stories. The sound of GURLIK's musical ensemble is a highly aesthetic work, which speaks of his exquisite creative imagination and openness to experiments. 

GURLIK is also known as a sound engineer and producer of other famous jazz artists, which also adds interest to the work of this artist. Listen to the album 'Time Box' from GURLIK and enjoy the magical sounds of his stunning music.