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Venustra – Hopping The Train
'Hopping The Train' is the name of a new track from the upcoming EP of the Texas band Venustra. This song is a continuation of the fantastic story about the theft of a magical amulet, with the help of which the events in the presented plot change where the main character received a test of fate, through which he must pass.

The track 'Hopping The Train' is a powerful hard rock composition where driving guitar and steel bass intersect with cascading drums and emotional vocals. Powerful metallic sounds saturate this enchanting song, fitting it into a compressed rock form. 

Venustra is a multimedia project in which they plan to combine rock music, visualization effects with theatrical elements on stage. The original concept certainly creates interest in this musical group.  

Listen to the single 'Hopping The Train' on Spotify below and stay tuned for other powerful releases from Venustra.