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Conor Alexander – The Magnetic People
British multi-instrumentalist Conor Alexander released his debut album 'The Magnetic People' on July 17. The record includes 10 original tracks that reveal the most diverse themes of finding love and keeping it.

Conor Alexander recorded his first album alone in a home studio, revealing his potential as an indie producer and songwriter. With the album, we got a tracklist of exciting rock tracks with elements of garage rock, britpop and classic rock. 

Conor Alexander uses the raw and honest sound of its drums and guitars to reveal its stirring themes. Energetic rock n roll tracks alternate with semi-acoustic ballads, creating a unique image of a musician and artist. 

Such indie musicians were worth our attention because of their charisma and independence in choosing a style and manner of performance. Conor Alexander is honest with us through his music and that's why we love him.  

Listen to the album 'The Magnetic People' below on Spotify and follow Conor Alexander and his rock n roll work.