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Seafarers – II
Saxophonist Matthew Herd founded the band Seafarers in London in 2018. Their first album received rave reviews from critics from around the world, and now we have their second album called 'II', on which they continue their creative searches and experiments with the styles of indie and folk music.

The record 'II' is a wonderful example of how musicians who grew up on the most diverse influences managed to create such original and sophisticated music. Seafarers' new album consists of 10 songs that do not sound tense, quiet and warm, while retaining the powerful expression of jazz and melodism inherent in pop music.  

The organic nature of their new compositions soothes and takes you to a charming world where love, hope and self-discovery open up new perspectives in the musical progressions of this talented group. 5 highly professional musicians cope with their work perfectly, creatively approaching each song and conveying a harmonious ensemble performance, against the background of which the vocal lines mesmerize with gentle beauty and hidden depth.

Listen to the album 'II' from Seafarers on Spotify below and discover this amazing creative collective.