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Dime Store Hustlers – Ground & Pound
The new album called 'Ground & Pound' from the American band Dime Store Hustlers is a great collection of rock n roll tracks in which we can feel the honesty of drive and rhythm. The band consists of three like-minded musicians who play real American rock with elements of blues and funk.

We like the raw sound of their guitars that convey the very essence of the word rock n roll. With each new song of EP 'Ground & Pound', the guys open a new story, revealing it in different forms and stylistic directions. In their new tracklist we hear rock n roll, blues, southern rock and funk-rock.  

The album also features guest musicians who lend their expertise to these live tracks. The new record from Dime Store Hustlers is really a great gift for all lovers of real, uncompromising rock music.  

Listen to the album 'Ground & Pound' from Dime Store Hustlers on Spotify below and explore the work of this cool American band.