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Jeremy Rice – Why Do You Lie
Canadian singer-songwriter Jeremy Rice recently shared a new single titled 'Why Do You Lie'. The release of a new song opens a new stage in the work of this talented and charismatic artist.

'Why Do You Lie' is an indie rock track that sounds amazingly organic, concise and relaxed. The vocal line is simple and memorable, it carries in itself a light and expressive lyric, which appeals to the soul because of its realism and vitality. 

The rhythm structure is saturated with a warm groove that knocks with its impulsive basses and minimalistic drums, tied up with beautiful guitar parts and wide backing vocal lines. The whole song flows on one wave, lifting the mood of everyone who listens to it.  

In the music video 'Why Do You Lie', we meet with a group of musicians performing wonderful music. They each play in their own sections that intersect with each other in a kaleidoscopic plot, emotionally decorating this track with a visual musical performance.  

Watch the music video 'Why Do You Lie' on YouTube below and enjoy this fantastic new song from Jeremy Rice.