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Sam Himself – Never Let Me Go
On July 22, the new single of the Swiss artist Sam Himself was released. The song is called 'Never Let Me Go' and is the first release from his upcoming album which will be released next year. Sam Himself is based New York, where he actively engaged in music with some of the best producers, so it is not surprising that his tracks are a high-quality product filled with charismatic concepts.

The new song 'Never Let Me Go' is a cool indie track that saturated with its deep bass and energetic rhythm. Atmospheric harmony blurs in wide layers, including the singer's beautiful vocal line. The memorable motif of this song has its own characteristic that creates an unsurpassed image of a romantic hero with his indomitable spirit.  

The music video 'Never Let Me Go' presents the beautiful landscapes of Iceland and the artist who organically blends into this landscape, hypnotically emphasizing naturalness and perfection with his dances and enthusiastic movements.  

Watch the music video 'Never Let Me Go' on YouTube below and rate the new song from the progressive and incredible artist Sam Himself.