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Louis And The Shakes – Trailblazr
A new single from London band Louis And The Shakes was released on July 22nd and it is called 'Trailblazr'. Their latest release is sure to appeal to all fans of the new British rock, which has elements of indie and stoner.

Louis And The Shakes often performs with each such performance their fan base grows because they offer real live rock n roll that we all miss. The guys are serious and it shows in their new release.  

The song 'Trailblazr' has a cool guitar sound full of driving squall in and melodic moments. The vocals have a velvet timbre, and the manner of singing is alternative and punk. The rhythm section works flawlessly, sometimes being tiered, then creating extraordinary arrangement waves that fascinate to throw us again into the plane of stoner rock power.  

Well, we highly recommend this collective and their new single 'Trailblazr', which you can listen to right now below on Spotify.