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Sealamb – Content
Australian music project Sealamb was created by Callum Adcock in Fremantle. His music is not quite familiar to indie music lovers, but it is worthy of its original arrangements and creative ideas. On July 15, Sealamb's full-length album 'Content' was released.

The record includes 14 tracks that depict with their magnetism and attract with their honest lo-fi sound. Starting with the first track of the album, we go into the unknown with unpredictable and phantasmagoria compositions, the essence of which reveals the problems of a vital nature.  

Sealamb's album 'Content' is a cool tracklist that includes a collection of simple and at the same time deep music. Elements of a psychedelic rock and dream pop sound warm and harmoniously. A wide palette of cosmic patterns and unique melodic oscillations is perfectly intertwined with the enigmatic vocals and their hypnotic power.  

Listen to the album 'Content' on Spotify below and dive into the depths of creativity of the talented and insightful Sealamb.