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Gimmik – Sonic Poetry
On July 15, a new full-length album 'Sonic Poetry' from the Austrian musician and composer of electronic music Martin Haidinger was released. In his new releases, he uses the artist name Gimmik. Many of the music lovers know him as a veteran of the Techno scene, because he started his active creative way in the early nineties.

After a 15-year hiatus, he returns with new music and a new meaning of modern electronics. The album 'Sonic Poetry' consists of 16 tracks, the best aesthetic forms of which reveal the latest creative impulses of this talented artist. In his new music, we find a subtle play of synth instruments and ornamental beats, which together create an incredibly pulsating musical fabric.

Subtle melismas and amazing effects are combined with a sense of groove and skilful production. Cosmic harmonies and hypnotic motifs inspire and reveal the great potential of the record. The new music helps to realize oneself and one's unconscious strength and hidden depth.  

Listen to the album 'Sonic Poetry' from Gimmik on Spotify below and enjoy fantastic electronic music of the highest class.