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Stephen Foster – Sharing Perils
Stephen Foster made his debut with a full-length album titled 'Sharing Perils' earlier this year. This wonderful musical work consists of 13 tracks that organically intertwine and complement each other, thus creating a conceptual tracklist.

On his first album, Stephen Foster collected folk songs, instrumental cinematographic compositions and psychological tracks that together form a peculiar atmosphere of one integrated artistic work. Indeed, on the album 'Sharing Perils' there are deep and insightful songs that reveal the problems of humanity and show them in jewelry lyrical images.  

Stephen Foster's velvet vocals easily fly over a sincere acoustic accompaniment, where the minimalist instrumentation emphasizes the power of harmony and shows it in action. His beautiful guitar playing complements each composition with melodic components and hooks full of beautiful and thin lines.  

Listen to the album 'Sharing Perils' on Spotify below and dive into the depths of the creative space of the talented and honest Stephen Foster.