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Mark Rosal – You Need a Woman
Canadian singer-songwriter Mark Rosal recently released a new song titled 'You Need a Woman'. This single perfectly conveys the author's message about the importance of having someone who will always be our side and brighten our life with their presence.

'You Need a Woman' with its name seems to call for action and the musical design of this track creates a special atmosphere of purity and trust. The acoustic guitar gives out its accents, supporting moderately emotional vocals and its simple melodic structure.  

The song received a folk mood with elements of country, which with its open sound organically conveys the essence of the song and its main theme. For decades now, Mark Rosal has continued to write songs taken from his own experience and deeply conscious by the author before they were presented to us.  

Listen to the single 'You Need a Woman' from Mark Rosal below on Spotify and follow the work of this always insightful and sensitive artist.