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OCEANYS – Unsere Große Freiheit
The German band OCEANYS released their new full-length album on June 3. The record is called 'Unsere Große Freiheit' and includes 10 original tracks. Among the new tracklist, we can see a beautifully composed concept that has chosen elements of pop-rock, folk and instrumental music.

OCEANYS again show us their talent for writing organic, memorable songs that have meaning and folk power. OCEANYS is a quartet of beautiful musicians, including bass, drums, guitar and violin, as well as two leading vocals. Having a unique violin playing in their arsenal, the musicians create truly unique song arrangements that delight music lovers all over the world.  

Two instrumental compositions from the album are designed to dilute song forms in which lyrics, fantastic violin and ensemble playing are combined in an extremely soulful and comfortable musical environment. The songs are written in both German and English and they tell us about faith, hope and love in all their manifestations in life.  

Listen to the album 'Unsere Große Freiheit on Spotify below and enjoy this collection of fresh songs from OCEANYS.