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Slay Positive – Mind Control
Slay Positive is an American band from Atlanta that plays original alternative rock with a mix of grunge and electronic music. Their debut single called 'Mind Control' was released on June 13th.

The song has a rich sound with non-standard grunge rhythms and energetic assertive motif. The vocal line perfectly blends into the structure of the song, embodying the aesthetics of psychedelics and unusualness. Catchy choruses are repeated by their hypnotic mantra introducing us to an mesmerizing state.  

In the music video 'Mind Control', we see historical footage in a black and white retro atmosphere that intersects with authentic cartoon moments. The theme of the video complements the essence of the song and conveys a fascinating look at experiments on people and their minds.

Watch the music video 'Mind Control' on YouTube below and dive into the depths of the debut song from Slay Positive.