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1st Base Runner – Light Roars
Tim Husmann continues to delight us with the creative achievements of his music project 1st Base Runner. This time we listened to five original tracks in his new release. New mini-album from 1st Base Runner called 'Light Roars' is a true masterpiece of modern aristocratic music that is filled with elements of dark wave, post-punk and indie rock.

The tracklist constructed in such a way as to plunge straight from the first song into the world of thoughtful lyrics, sensual vocals and cold musical accompaniment. Minimalist guitar melodies impress with their sharpness and insight.  

All organic melodies are perfectly intertwined with the hypnotic timbre of vocals in which we find the beauty of thought and secret experiences. The rhythmic basis of the new songs from 1st Base Runner acquires a clear organic background that depicts its post-punk monotone and minor gothic atmosphere.  

The cover for EP 'Light Roars' was prepared by the legendary British designer Matt Needle who perfectly conveyed the overall aesthetics of the record. This year 1st Base Runner is preparing there are other releases so we strongly recommend following this interesting and promising artist.  

Listen to EP 'Light Roars' on Spotify below and enjoy the new work of the talented 1st Base Runner.